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    Manufacturer: Duck

    Duck Brand 2 Poly Bubble Mailer White 25 pk 8.5" x 11"

    Poly envelopes with bubble lining to keep items protected. Great for smaller items such as sports memorabilia. Comes in packets of 25 for high-volume businesses. Secure and easy to close. Durable and reliable product.
    GTIN: 75353148839

    Want to make sure that the small, unique item you're sending across the country arrives safely and securely? Duck Brand® #2 Poly Bubble Mailer - White, 25 pk, 8.5" x 11" provides the protection you need to send your most valuable products confidently. These bubble wrap envelopes fit various forms of collectibles, such as magazines, newspapers, signed baseball cards, and more.

    What Makes Duck Brand #2 Poly Bubble Mailer - White Reliable?

    Responsible for the popularly used Duck Tape, Duck Brand is ubiquitous in mailrooms across the United States. Unlike other cheap knockoffs, each bubble envelope is lined with tough bubbles, the ones that don't easily pop when pushed. These poly envelopes are a combination of sturdy and flexible, able to fit in oddly shaped objects while also maintaining the envelope's posture, making them the most popular bubble mailers in the market.

    Which Type of Items Can The Poly Bubble Mailers Hold?

    The Duck Brand #2 Poly Bubble Mailer - White can hold anything less than 8.5 inches in length and 11 inches in height. The bubble envelopes can hold most legal letters, including anything that comes out of your printer. Need to send important documents to another state? Put the printed packet into the bubble envelopes, and you're good to go. You can also confidently send family pictures as the protected sleeves will keep your photo intact. You won't have to worry about the picture being damaged.

    Is This Product Good for Businesses?

    Absolutely. Each package of bubble mailers comes in 25-count, so you can send as many items as you wish. This is an excellent solution for a collectibles business that sells signed sports memorabilia. Autographed pictures, magazines, and newspapers all fit nicely into the 8.5" x 11" bubble mailers. You can even send valuable jewelry, protected from damage due to the bubble lining. The list is endless. Just make sure to add insurance for those expensive products when you're sending cross country. Your customers will appreciate it.

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