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    Manufacturer: Duck

    Duck Brand 0 Poly Bubble Mailer White 25 pk 6" x 9"

    Easy to use and seal bubble mailers. Environmentally-friendly, recyclable content. Resistant to water and tearing. Premium bubble-cushioning for valuable items. Durable envelopes.
    GTIN: 75353148846

    When you send your items across state lines or even across the border, you want to make sure they arrive without any damage. Knowing how shaky transit could be, it is essential to use a protective bubble envelope. Duck Brand® #0 Poly Bubble Mailer - White, 25 pk, 6" x 9" provides the protection you need in the form of white poly bubble mailers, allowing you to confidently hand things over to the mailman. Whether you're sending an autographed rookie card or a signed jersey, these 6x9 bubble mailers keep the items protected.

    What Makes Duck Brand #0 Poly Bubble Mailer - White Reliable?

    Handling these premium small bubble mailers reveals a superior, premium product. These poly bubble mailers are made out of recycled material, promoting the environment while preserving your most essential items. The interior of each bubble mailer envelope is lined with high-quality bubbles, deflecting the chance of damage in even the shakiest forms of transit. Whether your item is being shipped by semi-trucks driving over snow, or airplanes going through turbulence, the Duck Brand #0 Poly Bubble Mailer - White will keep them safe.

    Which Type of Items Can The Bubble Mailers Hold?

    These durable bubble poly bubble mailers are labeled as 6" x 9" and are entirely flexible to expand to most objects. Most shirts will fit right in, even though they are outside of the length and width specifications. Additionally, many other things that need protection will fit perfectly. It could be tools, silverware, small electrical items such as phones, or even books. These 6x9 bubble mailers can expand a little longer and still keep your things safe and sound.

    Are These Poly Bubble Mailers Good for Small Business?

    Duck Brand is popular with small businesses across the country, in addition to mailrooms. Chances are, if you are inside of a mailroom, you're going to find this product. The reason for the popularity is that the bubble mailers have built a reputation for reliability. With each package containing 25 bubble mailers, your business will benefit by keeping items safe.

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