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    DisposaBull Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves Choose Your Size

    Powder-free gloves are disposable. Can be quickly put on or removed for efficient service. Box of 100 gloves. Available in sizes small to XL. California Proposition 65 compliant.
    GTIN: 763583501752
    • These disposable Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Choose Your Size, are great for use when handling food. They're easy to put on and can be worn for a range of applications.

      About Vinyl Gloves

      Made from synthetic materials such as PVC, vinyl gloves come in many options for use with a range of tasks. They mainly fall into two categories, which are industrial-grade and medical-grade. Vinyl gloves in the industrial-grade category are typically used for light-duty applications such as food preparation, painting, plumbing, first aid, and utilizing mild household cleaners. They can be seen worn by individuals in places like beauty salons, schools, restaurants, and food processing plants. Medical-grade vinyl gloves are stronger and designed to prevent pinholes and tears. They're made to provide protection during use against bodily fluids. These gloves are rigorously tested and must meet FDA safety requirements. They are used in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, senior facilities, and other settings.

      Why Wear Powder-Free Gloves?

      Powder-free gloves don't leave behind residue on your clothes or on the hands that may cause irritation. They're preferred by many in the foodservice, medical and automotive industries. Powdered gloves are usually covered with cornstarch that easily becomes airborne and can contaminate production.

      Why Use DisposaBull Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves?

      Available in sizes small to XL, these powder-free vinyl gloves help to prevent cross-contamination. They're ideal for individuals who handle food to maintain safety. These powder-free gloves are disposable, so they're designed for single-use. They're made without latex, making them terrific for individuals with allergies. Ambidextrous, these powder-free vinyl gloves can be used by both right- or left-handed people. Rolled cuffs provide even more durability and prevent dripping from liquids down the wrist or arm. They're non-sterile and come in a convenient 100 ct. box that allows for sanitary, hassle-free dispensing. These disposable Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves are also compliant with California Proposition 65.

      Uses Around the Kitchen

      Disposable gloves are terrific to use around the kitchens of homes and businesses. Besides preventing cross-contamination from food, they come in handy for stopping the burning sensation on the skin that can occur when cutting hot peppers. These powder-free vinyl gloves will keep the mess off of hands when doing tasks like separating eggs, kneading dough, and combining ingredients into ground meat. You can also use them when handling garlic, onions, seafood or other items that have strong lingering odors.

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