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    Manufacturer: Delsym

    Delsym Adult Liquid Cough Suppressant Orange or Grape 5 fl oz 2 pk

    Over-the-counter medicine formulated to control irritating dry coughs. Can be used day or night. Cough suppressant uses an alcohol-free formula. Use as directed.
    GTIN: 363824270531

    Control the symptoms of an irritating cough and cold with Delsym Adult Liquid Cough Suppressant. This over-the-counter cough medicine is safe to use and contains a patented formula that lasts three times longer compared to most other cough medicines in the market. This Delsym cough medicine comes in a 2-pack of 5 fl oz bottles.

    What is Delsym Adult Liquid Cough Suppressant?

    Delsym cough syrup is a 12-hour cold and flu medicine that works throughout the day and night to help you fight the symptoms of cough and cold. It's prepared using a time-release formula with an advanced formulation that gets to work almost immediately by releasing powerful ingredients. The extended-release feature allows this cough suppressant to provide relief for up to 12 hours. This product doesn't contain any alcohol and is also free from sulfite content, making it a safe medicine to use for relief against cough and flu.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Delsym Adult Liquid Cough Suppressant?

    Delsym cough syrup contains an advanced formula that allows it to start working right away while also providing an extended cough relief. It works throughout the day or night to keep you protected against the nasty and irritating symptoms of flu. This cough medicine is available in two different flavors, orange and grape, so you can choose the taste you like better. It's also free from alcohol and sulfite, making it a safe choice for the family.

    About Delsym

    Delsym first introduced its line of cough suppressant products back in the 1980s and has been delivering on its promise to provide long-lasting relief against cough and flu since. Today, it's one of the leading brands for cough syrups and cough suppressant products in the country.

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