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    Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week Various Amounts

    The Spa & Wellness Gift Card® is accepted at over 9,000 spa and wellness facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The card never expires and has no added fees. More than just massages and facials…use the Spa & Wellness Gift Card® to access thousands of services such as. Massages. Facials Manicure/ Pedicures Haircuts & colo. Waxing. Laser hair removal. Botox. Yoga/ Pilates. Acupuncture. Body Wraps. Chiropractic sessions and more.

    The Spa Week concept was born on a rainy spring morning in 2004. The goal was simple: bring the spa & wellness experience to the masses by offering full service treatments, normally costing hundreds of dollars, for just $50 dollars each. No longer would a trip to the spa be considered an indulgence and something relegated to the wealthy few. Spa Week was the vehicle that was destined to change an industry and make a spa visit part an affordable healthy lifestyle.

    After months of research and organization, Spa Week was officially launched in October 2004. The beginning was humble at best with a mere 25 spas participating in the New York area. Never once during those long months of planning did I ever dream that the Spa Week franchise would be embraced the way it has. The response was both overwhelming and instantaneous—Spa Week became an instant cultural phenomenon.

    Since 2004, Spa Week has grown into a trusted National Brand. Each year thousands of spas participate all across the country. The resulting success has propelled it to become the largest spa & wellness marketing event in the history of the spa industry. No longer an indulgence, Spa Week has become the vehicle that allows all demographics the ability to make the spa experience a normal part of a healthier lifestyle. My recipe for success was simple: combine a great idea, unrivalled customer service, a dedicated staff and a firm belief that as a group, we could truly make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

    With the success of the Spa Week Event firmly in place, we embarked on the next part of our journey - to turn Spa Week into a true lifestyle brand. Years of hard work have allowed Spa to morph into a 365 day-a-year resource for everything wellness. Over the years, visitors have come to enjoy innovative content in Travel, Health and Wellness, as well as countless life-changing sweepstakes and promotions.

    2012 heralded the largest growth initiative in the Company's history with the launch of our Inter-National Spa & Wellness Retail Gift Card Program. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week is now available in over 60,000 retail locations nationwide.

    Today, millions of consumers trust and rely upon Spa as their go-to resource for everything wellness. The ensuing years will see exciting new industry-shaping partnerships with many of the world's top brands. Born at its inception, the Spa Week brand remains faithful to its core mission of delivering "affordable wellness to the masses".


    United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    Redemption Instructions
    Recommended heading included. Please revise or remove if preferred. Redemption Instructions

    • Visit and search the Directory for locations that “Accepts Gift Card”
    • Call the spa directly to schedule a treatment.
    • Present your eGift Card prior to receiving your service.
    • Enjoy!

    Spa & Wellness Facility Partners:
    • Must validate and redeem eGift card prior to treatment.
    • Please visit and follow on-screen instructions.

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