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    Sea Life Console Water Game 12 Pcs Per Pack

    "Sea Life Console Water Game" is a handheld toy that contains water and various sea life creatures inside, and the objective might be to manipulate the water to make the creatures move or interact in some way. These types of water games are often enjoyed by children and can provide amusement and distraction during various situations. 1 Handheld Console
    SKU: 00801248113329
    GTIN: 00801248113329

    Here are the key details:

    • Product Name: Sea Life Console Water Game Pack
    • Quantity: 12 per pack (One console)
    • Size: The console game measures approximately 5 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.
    • Material: The console game is made of plastic.
    • Features: The console game features different sea life creatures, likely in a water-filled display.
    • Assorted Colors: The product comes in an assortment of colors, and the colors may vary in each pack.
    • Packaging: Each console game is individually packaged with a peggable hanging hole, making it suitable for display and easy storage.
    • Entertainment Purpose: The console game is designed to provide entertainment and can be used to pass the time during long road trips, at the doctor or dentists office, or on rainy days.
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