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    Manufacturer: OKAY

    OKAY Shea Butter White Smooth 13 oz. 2pk.

    Helps treat dry scalp. Heals small wounds. Treats cracks on the skin. Helps relieve itchy skin.
    GTIN: 810367015407


    OKAY, Shea butter White Smooth helps nourish and protect the skin. Shea butter transforms dry and flaky irritated skin into hydrated, soft, smooth supple skin. Shea butter has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties for both skin and hair.

    Shea butter can be used as a daily moisturizer for the entire body as well as the face. Shea butter is known to help accelerate healing for broken skin and small wounds. Shea butter protects the skin from sun damage and helps heal sunburned skin.

    Shea butter helps treat acne and a variety of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Shea butter also helps calm irritation and razor bumps from shaving. Shea butter has benefits for hair as well. Shea butter helps seal in moisture to the hair strands. Shea butter helps protect hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Shea butter helps make hair soft for easier detangling. Can be used for styling and smoothing of hair. Shea butter helps the scalp from drying and flaking. Shea butter helps strengthen individual hair strands, preventing hair breakage and split ends. Shea butter can be used as a base for countless DIY hair butter.

    How To Use

    For Skin: Try and scoop up or rub off some shea butter from inside the jar. Apply to area of use by massaging into the skin while spreading throughout. (In cold areas, shea butter may become very hard. Simply place the shea jar (closed) into hot water. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then shea butter should become more manageable.)

    For Hair: Apply shea butter to hair directly and leave it in. Make sure to massage and comb to evenly spread. Shea butter can also be applied as a liquid. So you can place a small amount of shea butter from the container into a small pot and warm it up on the stove. Warm-up just enough so that the shea butter becomes liquid. (Do not overheat, nor warm up so that it is too hot to handle.) Apply to hair from roots to tips avoiding the scalp. Spread evenly and sit with a cap for 30 minutes then rinse. May be used as a leave-in also.


    Butyrospermum Parkii (Raw Shea Butter)

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