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    Manufacturer: Nordic Ware

    Nordic Ware Insulated Cookie Sheets 2 pk.

    Aluminum cookie sheets, designed to evenly distribute heat Two-layer insulated design protects against burning Ensures perfectly browned cookie results
    GTIN: 011172431806

    Why Do People Prefer Nordic Ware?

    Nordic Ware is a popular brand among home bakers. When you bake with Nordic Ware cookie sheets, you'll get perfect baking results every time. Each cookie sheet has a cushion of air between two layers of aluminum, which protects against over-browned cookie bottoms and overdone pizza crusts. This innovative technology helps to distribute heat evenly in any oven so you don't have to worry about over- or under-cooked foods on any part of the pan.

    Why Get a Cookie Sheet and Not a Sheet Pan?

    Cookies sheets are made exactly for—you guessed it—cookies. This two-pack of cookie sheets do not have raised sides so the cookies can be easily moved with a spatula. The small lip makes it easy for gripping when you need to take the sheet in and out of the oven. A two-pack is perfect for any busy cook. Whether you're baking for a fundraiser or feeding friends and family, you don't have to wait for one pan to cool and be cleaned in order to use it again. Bake a batch of cookies, take it out of the oven, and pop the next one right on in.

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