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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Roasted Whole Cashews with Sea Salt (33 oz.)

    33 oz. jar of salted cashews. Made with sea salt. Contains healthy ingredients. Ideal choice for parties and more. Kosher.
    GTIN: 078742254876

    Give your family and friends a classic snack with this Member's Mark™ Roasted Whole Cashews with Sea Salt. This sizable jar is ideal for sharing with others.

    What’s in this Jar of Member's Mark Roasted Whole Cashews with Sea Salt?

    This selection consists of whole cashews with sea salt. Rich with flavor, these high-quality nuts may become a favorite in your household.

    What Can I Do with Member's Mark Roasted Whole Cashews with Sea Salt?

    Although they’re delicious enough to eat plain, you can mix your salted cashews with other dishes to enhance their flavor, too. For instance, if you’re fond of baking, you can place these dry roasted cashews within the batter, giving your muffins, cookies and cakes a satisfying crunchiness. Using these cashews as a topping for ice cream, brownies and other desserts can be tasty as well.

    Do These Salted Cashews Offer Nutritional Benefits?

    Salted cashews are a good source of protein and healthy, natural fats that can offer potential health benefits. It can also provide essential nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health. With these cashews, you have a healthier option to enjoy.

    A Travel-Friendly Snack

    These whole cashews are small and easy to carry around. If you know you’re going to get hungry later, place a handful of salted cashews into a plastic baggie. Then, when you’re looking for a snack at the office, you can enjoy your organic cashews right there. You can also pack these with your child’s lunch, giving them a yummy treat to look forward to while they’re at school.

    Huge Jar Makes Sharing Easy

    One jar contains 33 oz. of dry roasted cashews, which can help you feed multiple people at once. It’s great for parties, picnics, friendly gatherings and more.

    Safe to Store

    These salted cashews come in a solid jar. Thanks to its tough exterior, you can safely place this jar into storage with little risk. Since you can stack it on top of other merchandise, it doesn’t take up much space.

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