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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Organic Chicken Broth 32 oz 6 pk

    Organic. Fat-free chicken broth. From free-range chickens.
    GTIN: 608436890792

    Member's Mark™ Organic Chicken Broth is a staple for the home kitchen and the service kitchen. Use this premium chicken broth soup as a base for many dishes. It can also be sipped on its own for a warm and comforting broth.

    Is Member’s Mark Organic Chicken Broth High Quality?

    The Member’s Mark team creates products that are very high in quality but that still have member pricing. When you purchase Member’s Mark Organic Chicken Broth, you are getting a product that is made from free-range chickens that have access to the outdoors all year round. This healthy chicken broth contains no artificial flavors. It has ingredients like chicken broth, sea salt, onion powder, turmeric powder and tomato paste. A one-cup serving contains only 10 calories and two grams of protein. Although this is a fat-free chicken broth, the flavor is fantastic.

    Chicken Broth Recipes

    There are many easy to enjoy chicken broth:

    • Heat it up and sip it in a mug with fresh cilantro or dill.
    • Cook it with items like green chilis, diced tomatoes, garlic and shredded chicken for a fast chicken tortilla soup. Garnish with sour cream and tortilla strips for an extra savory dish.
    • Use it to braise cuts of meat like chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks and more to create a dish that is incredibly tender.
    • Chicken broth can be used to cook rice to give it a lovely flavor. The same can be done with vegetables like bell peppers, potatoes and onions. Your guests will definitely notice the difference in depth of flavor!
    • Boil noodles and vegetables and place in bowl of hot chicken broth for instant noodle soup. Some types of noodles that would work well include elbow macaroni, soba noodles and ramen.

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