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    Manufacturer: Fixodent

    Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive 2.2 oz. 3 pk.

    Fixodent's strongest formula. Use once a day for an all-day hold for full and partial plates. A powerful seal helps prevent food from getting between dentures and gums. Helps to prevent gum soreness for a more comfortable denture fit. #1 dentist-recommended denture adhesive brand (among those who recommend brands of adhesive).
    GTIN: 37000756057


    Fixodent® Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive 2.2 oz.3 pk. is the number-one recommended dental adhesive brand's most powerful formula yet. It helps adhere full and partial denture plates to your gums without gaps and provides a secure hold all day.

    About Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive

    This pack contains three 2.2-ounce tubes of Fixodent denture adhesive, the brand most recommended for denture wearers by dentists. It prevents slipping and forms a seal to ensure food does not get trapped between gums and dentures. Fixodent secure denture adhesive is also as comfortable as it is reliable, so you don't have to worry about sore gums again.

    What Sets Fixodent Denture Adhesive Apart from Other Brands?

    Fixodent creates secure denture adhesive and is considered by many denture wearers to be the best denture adhesive brand. Thanks to its incredibly strong formula and its no-gap seal, Fixodent denture adhesive can help keep your mouth free from bacteria left behind by foods stuck between dentures and gums. Unlike other denture adhesive creams, it has a neutral flavor that you won't notice when wearing your dentures. Compared to other Fixodent denture adhesives, Ultra Max Hold is its strongest denture adhesive and retains up to 88% of its hold at the end of the day.

    Are There Other Uses for Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive?

    Yes! Fixodent is an excellent denture adhesive cream and so much more. It can also be used to:

    • Fix cracks in china plates, ornaments, and more.
    • Temporarily adhere to broken or loose dental crowns.
    • Secure small items to tabletops and other surfaces when traveling in a rickety RV or when there's a threat of an earthquake.
    • Keep shoe insoles in place with a dab or two of Fixodent denture adhesive cream.
    • Adhere to spare keys under a ledge or other secure spot outside your home.
    • As a discreet filler for dents, tiny holes, and cracks when remodeling a room.

    How To Use

    1) Clean & Dry Dentures. 2) Apply Adhesive in thin strips as shown on the box or tube. 3) Insert Dentures and hold briefly in place.


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