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    Conair Instant Heat Jumbo Roller Travel Hairsetter 5 pc.

    Includes five 1.5" jumbo hot rollers. 5’ line cord for convenient use. Rollers offer velvety roller surface. Heats up in only 2 minutes. Dual voltage with on/off switch.
    GTIN: 074108152541

    The Conair® Jumbo Roller Travel Hairsetter offers five large rollers that can heat up in only a few minutes. The travel hot rollers come with a 5' power cord and operate with dual voltage, making them an ideal option for travel worldwide. It also comes with a compact case for storage and transport.

    After the device is plugged in with the lid closed, the travel hot rollers will heat up in a matter of minutes. The red ready dot will turn white when the rollers are at the optimal temperature for use. At that point, you can follow the included instructions to curl your hair for the results you want. Hair should be dry and clean when using the Conair jumbo hot rollers, never wet. Once you are done styling your hair, make sure the appliance is turned off.

    This package comes with the Conair Instant Heat Hairsetter, five jumbo 1.5" rollers, five Super Clips™ and a dual-voltage power cord. The jumbo rollers are used for curling, while the Super Clips keep your hair where you want it. The jumbo hot rollers include stay-cool end rings to avoid burning of the fingers when placing the rollers in the hair.

    Cleaning may be needed occasionally but should only be done with the unit is unplugged. The setter should be allowed to cool before cleaning the case and posts with a damp cloth. The travel hot rollers may also be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap or detergent.

    How To Use

    Your hair should be dry before rolling. Plugin your hot roller heating unit and while it is heating up, brush your hair to remove all tangles. Let it hang evenly around your head. Separate a 1-inch section of hair in the area that you want to curl. Remove a roller* from the heating unit with one hand and place it near the scalp underneath the section of hair you are holding with your other hand. Then, snuggly wind the hair section around the roller. Simply remove the clips and unroll each roller letting your hair fall freely. Loosen the new curls up a bit with your fingers moving from the roots to the ends.

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