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    Manufacturer: Black n Red

    Black n Red Polypropylene Twinwire Notebook Margin Rule 70 Sheets Pad

    Black n’ Red A4 spiral notebook. Semi-rigid backing. Black color cover. Twin-wire binding. Polypropylene cover
    GTIN: 870875000081

    When you need notebooks to take notes in for class, you want something that will last the entire semester or school year. The Black n' Red® Polypropylene Twin-wire Notebook is a durable single subject notebook made for the rough-and-tumble life of a high school or college student. With 70 sheets per notebook, it's the perfect single-subject book for class.

    Does the Black n' Red Polypropylene Twin-wire Notebook Lay Flat?

    The black and red spiral notebook’s twin spiral design allows it to lay flat for you to write in it with ease. The twin-wire spiral-bound spine is snag-resistant, so you can easily pull it in and out of your locker or backpack without damaging other books or the notebook itself. It will not get caught on anything helping it to last longer.

    What Are the Dimensions of the Black n' Red Polypropylene Twin-wire Notebook?

    The Black and Red notebook is your standard 8.5" x 11” pages. This Black n’ Red A4 sized design comes with a polypropylene cover designed to take months of abuse. You can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The high-quality, 24-pound pages are made from open white paper, allowing you to use both sides of the page to make your notes.

    Does the Black n’ Red Notebook Have Bookmark?

    While the Black n’ Red notebook doesn’t have a bookmark, it does have an elastic band to help keep the journal closed when not in use. However, you can also use that to mark your spot in the diary as a bookmark. It works well in keeping your place.

    Are the Black and Red Notebook Pages Lined?

    The pages in the Black n’ Red notebook are lined. They have used a gray line with margins indicated. The lining of these sheets is legal space, making it great for those in high school or college. They are not wide ruled for children in elementary school who are just learning how to write their letters correctly.

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