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    Manufacturer: Bankers Box

    Bankers Box Stor File Storage Box with Lift Off Lid White Letter Legal 6 Pack

    Light-duty stacking strength. Double-bottom, double-end single-side construction. File storage boxes best accommodate letter and legal-size files. Corrugated cardboard.
    GTIN: 077511570360

    For a classic, versatile, and sturdy storage solution, try Bankers Box® STOR/FILE™ Storage Box with Lift-Off Lid. The leader in document storage, these Bankers Box office storage boxes are the perfect solution if you have small to large volumes of documents that you need to store. These boxes are also easy to use at home to store seasonal decorations, kids’ artwork, mementos, or other knick-knacks that are currently causing clutter.

    What Are the Specifications of Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Box?

    The Bankers Box file storage boxes are double-bottomed, double-ended, and single-sided to blend both strength and economy. Each box has built-in handle cut-outs for easy transport and mobility. They include a lift-off lid for convenient access but secure storage. To prevent lid loss, the document storage box is shipped with the lid attached to the box, but it then tears off when you are ready to use it. The basic set-up construction process is also a breeze.

    These basic-duty Bankers Boxes are built for strength, but also are best for documents to which you will need infrequent access. To store documents in these light-strength boxes, it is recommended that you stack the boxes to a moderate height and/or use them with shelving. Each box has a stacking strength of 450 pounds.

    Each Bankers Box is made of 10% pre-consumer recycled content and 50% of post-consumer recycled content.

    How Big Is the Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Box with Lift-Off Lid?

    Each paper storage box is 12 1/2 inches wide, 16 1/4 inches deep, and 10 1/2 inches high, with an inner width of 12 inches, an inner depth of 15 inches, and an inner height of 10 inches. These boxes best accommodate documents of the letter and legal size.

    If you are looking for a simple storage solution for documents and files, consider the light-strength file organizer boxes made by Bankers Box. These time-proven storage boxes will help you organize and de-clutter your home or office space.

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