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    Strand Import Weighted Ring & Stick Dive Set Pool Toy

    When it comes to swimming, it's important to have fun but also learn vital skills. With the Swimline Dive Flex Sticks Toys, your child can do just that!These dive toys are perfect for children who are just learning to swim or for those who want to practice their underwater diving skills. 2 Pcs Drive Ring 3 Pcs Dive Stick
    SKU: 00793571611996
    GTIN: 00793571611996

    One of the best features of these dive toys is the weighted design, allowing for easy playing, making it perfect for endless hours of creative water games.The bright, bold colors of these dive toys make them easy to spot, which adds to the excitement of the game. With a pack of 6, your child can invite their friends over for a friendly competition!Not only are these dive toys fun, but they are an educational tool for children. They can learn about underwater diving & practice their skills, which will help them gain confidence & become more skilled swimmers.Ideal for swimming lessons or family outings to the pool or beach.These dive flex sticks are a must-have.Perfect for children of all ages.

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