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    Pepcid Complete 100 ct

    100 chewable tablets Delicious berry flavor Larger 100-count size bottle Unique formula combines antacid + H2 acid reducer Relieves heartburn in seconds and prevents heartburn pain for 8 hours
    GTIN: 716837291121

    Reach for Pepcid® Complete for fast heartburn relief. When heartburn hits, you want immediate relief, and you want that relief to last. Pepcid tablets feature a unique formula that helps to neutralize acid quickly and protect against continuing pain, so you can enjoy your meal and the rest of your day. Pepcid Complete also comes in a convenient-to-take form for on-the-go relief.

    How is Pepcid Complete Unique?

    Pepcid tablets feature a powerful, fast-acting formula that helps to neutralize acid in seconds for immediate comfort. Additionally, they offer dual action by continuing to protect against heartburn for the next 8 hours, so there's no concern for heartburn creeping back up. Pepcid chewable tablets contain effective active ingredients like 10mg of famotidine, as well as antacids like calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, for powerful relief. It's also unique because it combines antacids with an H2 acid reducer.

    How Do You Take Pepcid Tablets?

    There's no need to dissolve tablets in water or swallow uncomfortable pills to take Pepcid Complete. This product comes in easy, chewable tablets, so you can take them without water at home, on the go or in the office. So you won't find yourself in a situation where you can't get heartburn relief. Enjoy impromptu meals out with friends or dinner parties without worry.

    One Delicious Tablet

    The last thing you want when suffering from heartburn is to have to swallow something that tastes bad. Pepcid tablets have a delicious berry flavor, so they're easier to chew and swallow. You only need to take one tablet for effective and fast relief. This purchase comes as a 100-tablet bottle, so it's sure to last even with frequent use.

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