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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Security Envelope 6 3 4 500 ct

    #6-3/4 security envelopes. 24 lb. white woven paper. Security Tint. Gummed flap for a secure seal. 500 count.
    GTIN: 078742247199

    Keep your mail secure with the Member's Mark™ Security Envelope #6-3/4 (500 ct.). This box contains 24-pound envelopes made with white woven paper, which gives your correspondence a clean, professional look. The interior security tint keeps contents private, adding enhanced security during the shipping process. These envelopes also boast peel-off self-adhesive closures.

    Want An Easy Way To Send a Lot Of Mail?

    Are you sending a lot of mail? This large box of envelopes is a great choice to stock in your office. Keep stacks of security envelopes at everyone's desk for convenience. Sending important mail can be stressful. With full privacy created in these sturdy envelopes, protecting the contents inside becomes simple. Ensure proper delivery with Member's Mark Security Envelope #6-3/4.

    Customizing Your Envelopes?

    These white woven paper envelopes are just plain enough to customize and make unique. Print a return label unique to any address or business quickly and professionally. Create advertising schemes that can easily transfer to envelopes. Make them stand out from the dozens of pieces of mail sent out on any given day with a little bit of originality. With a self-adhesive closure, Member's Mark Security Envelope ensures mail is delivered safely.

    Looking For Several Uses For These Security Envelopes?

    Envelopes are useful for dozens of things. Hide a stack in a cabinet at a restaurant or coffee shop as an easy way for baristas and servers to tuck away their cash after their shift. Have a stack of security tint envelopes on hand in the classroom, help children keep their notes and small items organized with their own envelope, and ensure their paperwork is never lost. Send home documents or anything that may be important and ensure contents stay firmly secure with a gummed flap for extra security.  Member's Mark Security Envelope #6-3/4 is a durable and cost-effective choice for the home, office, or work.

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