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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Purified Mineral Water 16.9 oz Bottle

    Member's Mark Drinking Purified Mineral Water 16.9 oz Purified Bottled Water offers purified mineral water that helps keep you hydrated throughout the day. The water is pure and provides a refreshing taste every time you sip. The 16.9-ounce bottles are convenient and easily portable, fitting well in bags. Whether you're heading to the gym, office, or want to pack it in your children's lunchboxes,
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    GTIN: 00078742051451
    • PURIFIED MINERAL WATER: The water is purified to provide a clean and refreshing taste, making it a good choice for staying hydrated. This focus on purity ensures a satisfying drinking experience, BPA FREE.
    • CONVENIENCE: The 16.9-oz. bottles are easy to carry and can be conveniently packed into bags or backpacks, making it suitable for various activities and locations. The portability factor is a key advantage.
    • HYDRATION SOLUTION: Whether you're an individual looking for a refreshing drink or a business/organization catering to a large number of people, this package provides a simple way to quench thirst. It addresses the hydration needs of both personal and professional contexts.
    • REDUCED PLASTIC USE: The lightweight bottles are designed to help REDUCE PLASTIC CONSUMPTION, and they are also 100% RECYCLABLE, promoting sustainability. This commitment to reducing environmental impact is a commendable feature.
    • FAMILY, BUSINESS, AND EVENT USAGE: The larger crate size makes it suitable for various purposes, including personal use by families, supplying water in businesses, and catering to events. Its adaptability caters to a wide range of scenarios.
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