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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Dark Roast Coffee Single-Serve Cups 100 ct

    Dark chocolate and roasted notes. 100% Colombian Arabica coffee. USDA organic. Fair Trade Certified.
    GTIN: 078742206158

    Member's Mark Dark Roast Coffee is a rich, dark coffee made from 100% Arabica beans imported from Columbia. Member's Mark Dark Roast Coffee features rich, dark chocolate and roasted notes. The long roasting process ensures a low acidity level. You'll get all of the aroma & full flavor that you've come to expect from Member's Mark coffees with a rich, robust quality that you just won't find anywhere else.

    Why Is It Important to Buy Only Organic Dark Roast Coffee?

    During the normal coffee growing process, farmers are exposed to large amounts of chemicals while spraying the crops & while handling them during harvest. These pesticides, insecticides, herbicides & fungicides can cause cancer & can damage the reproductive & nervous systems. When growing Organic Dark Roast Coffee, no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are ever used. This means cleaner beans, air, land & water. It's better for your health, the environment & for the farmers who grow the beans. When you see USDA Organic, certified by Quality Assurance International on the label, you know that you're getting the highest quality coffee.

    Does Fair Trade Certified™ Matter?

    When you choose Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, you’re voting with your dollar supporting safety, sustainability, & empowerment in the workplace. Through the unique Fair Trade Community Development Fund, workers can address local needs so that their families & children can thrive for generations to come.

    Value and Flavor

    This Organic Dark Roast Coffee comes in a 100 single-serve cup package, so there's never any waste. You'll get just the right amount every time. It can be stored at room temperature, making it the ideal choice for the office, break rooms and the like. These cups are compatible with all single-serve brewing systems, including Keurig. Offering the rich taste and aroma of dark roasted coffee, Member's Mark coffee is the ideal morning beverage.

    Sourcing Story

    This coffee is purchased directly from a co-op of farmers & growers, ASOANEI, which helps them put food on their table, support their families & invest in their communities. Each purchase aids in the development of family farmers, ensuring their growth & progress for generations to come. Additionally, ASOANEI has helped the community rebuild a school and re-equip the facility by leveraging the Fair Trade premium & through a partnership with the government.

    Farmer Quote: “I have personally seen the impact of the Fair Trade program as it goes beyond simple economic help. Yes, it has helped us improve production., but one support that the premium cannot quantify is at the cultural & organizational level. For example, some of the premium has been used for general assemblies & as ANEI works in four indigenous territories, it has strongly helped preserve our culture through these meetings where we brainstorm, exchange ideas, & motivate one another. For us Arawaks, the rules of Fair Trade have been easy to follow since our culture already matches many of themes: no discrimination, democratic methods, solidarity, protection of the environment. So we not only grow economically, but as people & a society as well. ”

    Making a difference, one brew at a time.

    Every time you drink Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, you help improve the lives of farmers & workers by enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods, safe conditions & stronger communities.

    Over $3.5 million invested.

    When you shop Fair Trade Certified™ products, you help give farmers and their communities sustainable livelihoods, safer conditions, education and so much more.

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