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    Manufacturer: Member's Mark

    Member's Mark Concentrated Cinnamon with Clinicall Proven CinSulin Water Extr

    •Supports Healthy Blood Sugar •Promotes Sugar Metabolism and Supports Circulatory & Heart Health •With Clinicaly Proven CinSulin Water Extract •Plus Chromium & GlucoLite blend •10:1 strength

    The cinnamon used in Member’s Mark® Concentrated Cinnamon, CinSulin®, is a water extract of cinnamon. This is important because typical whole cinnamon is associated with certain drawbacks and risks, which can include allergic reactions, mouth irritation, and a decrease in blood coagulation. Accordingly, studies support the choice of a cinnamon extract over other forms of cinnamon. During the gentle extraction process, the components that can cause these negative effects are removed, while preserving cinnamon’s beneficial active components. Because it’s an extract, CinSulin is more concentrated. That’s how just two Member’s Mark® capsules provide all the benefits of ten typical whole cinnamon capsules, but without the negative side effects

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