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    Manufacturer: Irish Spring

    Irish Spring Original Deodorant Soap 3.7 oz. 20 ct.

    Irish Spring soap helps keep you feeling clean and fresh. Invigorating scent. Long-lasting fragrance. 12-Hour deodorant protection.
    GTIN: 035000141682


    Irish Spring® Original Deodorant Soap (3.7 oz., 20 ct.) is the classic bar soap for men that is a favorite of those who like classic clean aromas and a bar soap format. This value-size pack is perfect for college dorms, storing in gym lockers, and of course, for adult males at home.

    About Irish Spring

    For decades, Irish Spring Soap has been a staple in homes, providing men with the classic clean feel they love. It's a pioneer in the bar soap field and used by men of all ages and lifestyles. Irish Spring body wash is owned by the Colgate-Palmolive Company, a brand that's roots sprouted in New York City more than 200 years ago.

    About Irish Spring Original Deodorant Soap

    This pack of Irish Spring deodorant soap contains 20 solid bath bars. Each bar is incredibly long-lasting, providing a gentle clean, and distinct aroma for many showers to come. Irish Spring Original bar soap has its own unique and refreshing scent and is a powerful body deodorizer, keeping even the most active bodies clean and fresh for 12 hours. As much as for its lasting freshness, it's revered for the rich lather that gets skin clean and keeps it hydrated and softened.

    Who Loves Irish Spring Soap?

    Any man who prefers bar soaps and loves feeling incredibly clean and refresh. Did we mention your significant other is gonna love how you smell after using this Irish Spring soap?! Its smell is both masculine and fresh, making it as enticing to the user as it is to anyone in their path.

    Is This Irish Spring Original Deodorant Soap Pack Convenient?

    Yes! Each package contains 20 individually wrapped bars of Irish Spring Original bar soap. They are easy to store, with bars that are not being put to use easily stackable in a closet or cabinet. Each wrapper is recyclable too, so be sure to toss them in the recycling bin once you open a new bar.

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