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    Equate Sugar Free Fiber Supplement Powder 125 Ct 16.7 Oz

    $19.99 $21.99
    Enhance your diet with Equate Sugar-Free Fiber Supplement. It's 100 percent natural and is free of sugar, texture and flavor. This means it does not add bitterness, sweetness or unwanted grit to your favorite foods and beverages. This Equate fiber powder is also non-thickening and totally clear. You can mix it with almost any soft food or drink, including cereal, yogurt, milk, coffee and soup. Dietary fiber is not only essential for digestive health, but can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. It may also lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Keep your body in optimal health by adding this supplement to your daily diet. Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

    Equate Daily Fiber Capsules 160 Count

    $15.49 $19.99
    Get a slowed down or backed up digestive system started up again with Equate Daily Fiber Capsules. They're made from 100 percent natural psyllium husk fiber that promotes digestive health, to keep digestion on a regular schedule. Equate fiber capsules are also formulated to help to lower cholesterol and promote heart health. They help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, keeping the body in tip-top shape. When added to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, this product adds 7g of soluble fiber from bulk-forming psyllium husk, and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Keep your digestive system moving along and healthy with fiber supplement capsules. This bottle contains 160, and the user can take up to three doses a day, depending on the specific needs. These Equate Daily Fiber capsules are compared to Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber's active ingredient. They're ideal for one's everyday fiber intake needs and general overall health.

    Equate Digestive Health Probiotic Capsules 50 Count

    $29.99 $31.99
    Keep your digestive system healthy with Equate Digestive Health Probiotic Capsules. Our bodies need beneficial bacteria for numerous vital body functions including healthy digestion. These probiotic capsules contain 10 billion active cultures of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which help to maintain the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive system. When taken daily, our satisfaction-guaranteed formula can help promote gastrointestinal health and support your body's immune system. Alleviate occasional digestive discomfort with the help of Equate Digestive Health Probiotic Capsules.

    Equate Extra Care Probiotic Capsules Delayed Release 50 Count

    $31.99 $33.99
    Improve your digestion and support your immune system with Equate Extra Care Probiotic Capsules. This unique delayed release probiotic contains 10 advanced strains of healthy gut bacteria, with over 50 billion active cultures per capsule to promote healthy digestion and relieve occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. The high count of good bacteria in this Equate probiotic boosts the digestive balance in your gut so you can feel better and more energized. Plus, they are specially formulated to work on a delayed release, which allows the capsules to pass safely through your digestive tract without being destroyed or inactivated by gastric juices in your stomach. Healthy digestion shouldn't have to be hard - get the gut-healing support you need with our Equate Extra Care Probiotic Capsules.

    Equate Digestive Care Probiotic Capsules 42 Count

    $35.29 $37.99
    Naturally restores digestive balance. Helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Provides support against occasional digestive discomfort. Supports a healthy immune system.

    Equate Colon Support Probiotic Capsules 30 Count

    $19.99 $21.99
    Equate Colon Support Probiotic Capsules are daily dietary supplements that support overall digestive health. These probiotic capsules are formulated with three strains of healthy bacteria and 3.5 billion active cultures to maintain digestive system balance and support a healthy immune system. When bacteria get out of balance, occasional digestive issues like gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea can occur. Poor diet, aging, stress, and travel can lead to that unbalance. Probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut that play a critical role in supporting digestive health. Healthy bacteria and active cultures reflect your gut's natural diversity and keep it thriving. Adults should take one capsule daily with food as a dietary supplement. Support your colon by replenishing good bacteria with Equate Colon Support Probiotic Capsules.