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    Manufacturer: Disney

    Disney Toy Story Slinky Dog Soft Touch Bag Clip

    introducing the Disney Toy Story Slinky Dog Soft Touch Bag Clip, a delightful accessory crafted from soft PVC material. This charming bag clip features the iconic Slinky Dog character from Toy Story, adding a playful touch to your belongings. What's more, it comes complete with a metal ring and a plastic carabiner clip, providing you with versatile options for securing your items. Attach it to bags, backpacks, or any looped surface with ease, and enjoy the whimsical charm of this collectible Disney merchandise.
    SKU: 077764297267
    GTIN: 077764297267

    - **Soft PVC Material:** Made from high-quality soft PVC material for a comfortable and flexible feel.
    - **Iconic Slinky Dog Design:** Adorable Slinky Dog design inspired by Disney's Toy Story.
    - **Convenient Bag Clip:** Equipped with a convenient clip for securing bags or attaching to other items.

    - Include the dimensions of the bag clip to provide customers with an idea of its size. 2.25 x 0.25 x 4 inchesĀ 

    **Color Options:**
    - Specify if the product is Multi color.

    - Ideal for securing bags with a touch of Disney magic or attaching to backpacks, purses, or other accessories.

    **Collectible Item:**
    - Highlight that this bag clip is a collectible item for fans of Disney and Toy Story.

    **Officially Licensed:**
    - If applicable, mention that the product is officially licensed Disney merchandise.

    **Care Instructions:**
    - Provide any relevant care instructions for maintaining the appearance and flexibility of the soft PVC material.

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