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    Daily Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 13 qt

    Matte finish stainless steel mixing bowl. Suitable for home or commercial use. Large mixing bowl with 13-qt capacity.

    Mix up a variety of recipes with the Daily Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl. This flat-bottomed, matte-finish bowl provides a convenient place to keep mixing ingredients and is designed to prevent spillage outside. This large mixing bowl allows you to put together large amounts of mixes, making it an ideal choice for domestic as well as commercial purposes. This stainless-steel bowl comes in a 13-qt size.

    What is the Daily Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl?

    This large-sized metal mixing bowl from Daily Chef is designed to keep various mixing ingredients contained while you mix them together. It features a deep and wide construction that makes it easy to handle and helps result in less of a mess being made in the kitchen. This large mixing bowl is an ideal choice for commercial purposes as it allows you to mix a large volume of ingredients together. The flat bottom of this stainless mixing bowl helps keep it stable on the countertop or just about any other flat surface, allowing you to mix quickly and easily. The matte finish gives it a shiny texture that makes it an attractive item for the kitchen. Its stainless steel construction prevents rusting and makes it easy to clean.

    What Can the Daily Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl be used for?

    This stainless steel bowl can be used for just about any mixing requirement in domestic and commercial kitchens. It's capable of holding 13-qts of mixing ingredients, so you can put it to use while preparing a large recipe to serve guests at home or for a party. This metal mixing bowl can also be used in a commercial kitchen where substantial amounts of ingredients need to be mixed. Use it for mixing everything from large salads to the dough and much more.

    About Daily Chef

    Daily Chef is a private label created by Sam's Club. Sam's Club is a membership-only retail warehouse chain that has its ownership and operation interests with Walmart. It was founded in 1983 and is a popular destination for those looking to purchase wholesale items for their daily needs.

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