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    Manufacturer: Angel

    Angel Wood Handcraft Candy Fruit Decorative Kitchen Collapsible Baskets 14" 4 Compartments

    This unique and beautiful piece of art is made of solid rose wood. In a flat positon, it can be easily stored or used as a trivet. By lifting the handle to a vertical position (90 degrees)you will discover a magnificent basket that can be used as a decorative item, potpourri or fruit basket, or to display decorative floral arrangements. This item makes the perfect original gift.
    GTIN: 687051908167

    * It Size 14" Round and 4 Compartments basket.
    * It is made out of one piece of rose wood.
    * It is all hand made and hand-carved.
    * It's a long time useable.
    * The collapsible Baskets Look beautiful.
    * Imported made in Bangladesh.
    * It's no fear of breaking and rot.
    * Great For You Or A Gift
    * Perfect For The Collector!
    * It also makes a perfect gift for different occasions or for someone who has everything.
    * Once you lift the handle from one side, you can use it for fruits, candies, nuts,
       potpourie, jewelry, decorative piece.
    * Using a scroll saw, the artist starts cutting from the middle in a continuous cut,
       the same way you peel an orange.
    * It is a spiral cut on a 5 to 7-degree an angle, and that is how one layer locks on top of         the other.
    * You can see it clearly on the fruit shape as well but because of the angle,
       try not to flip it upside down unless you put your hand underneath.
    * All Hand Carved Collapsible Baskets Are First Class. No Irregulars!
    * This is an Angel licensed Exclusive item that cannot be found anywhere else.

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